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Efrika Mall International SARL is a visionary women-led multi-national organization that takes pleasure in being the forward-thinking owner and promoter of Efrikashopping. Founded in 2020 by two young African entrepreneurs. Efrikashopping, a thriving online market, offers a variety of products obtained directly from African entrepreneurs and craftsmen, from age-old arts and crafts to cutting-edge technology and clothing. Natural products from agricultural supplies to personal care items can be found in our extensive catalog. We want to leave a lasting legacy for upcoming generations by promoting constructive social transformation and economic development in Africa.

Our business has quickly become a leader in the international market, revolutionizing the retail environment and empowering companies all over the African continent and beyond. Efrika Mall International is unwavering in its dedication to offering a revolutionary shopping experience that honors African talent, culture, and business even as we broaden our influence and reach.

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