Size Varies based on species; generally 1-4 inches (2.5-10 cm) in length
Shape Long and slender body, segmented with a distinct head and tail
Color Varies by species; commonly gray, brown, or translucent
Antennae Two pairs; longer pair used for sensing environment and shorter pair for feeding
Legs Five pairs of walking legs along the thorax
Abdominal Appendages Five pairs of swimmerets (pleopods) on the abdomen for swimming and reproduction
Tail (Telson) Last segment of the abdomen, often curved under the body
Exoskeleton Hard outer shell for protection and support; periodically shed during growth (molting)
Eyes Compound eyes on stalks, allowing for wide-angle vision
Rostrum Protruding extension of the carapace above the eyes, resembling a small beak
Reproductive Features Male shrimp have specialized swimmerets to transfer sperm, and females have a larger swimmeret for egg attachment
Gills Located on the thoracic legs, used for breathing

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